Price List

Below is a list of products I offer – I deliver to folks at my church on Sundays; I also deliver to the KC-Metro area on Wednesdays. Contact me for more information or to place an order!

Chicken Eggs – $4.00/dozen, $6.00/dozen-and-a-half
Duck Eggs – $8.00/dozen
Raw Goat Milk – $5.00/quart
Goat Cheese (Plain or Honey) – $5.00/8oz; $10.00/16oz
Goat Milk Ice Cream – $5.00/pint
     Vanilla, Chocolate, Chocolate-Peanut Butter, Coffee

Baked Goods
please allow two weeks lead time before you need delivery
Goat Cheese Cheesecake – $20
Applebutter Bread (mini loaves) – $5

Fresh Produce
Seeds are starting – check back for spring veggies in April/May!

2019 Canned Goods
contact me to see what remain – many items sold out!
Dill Pickles – $5.00/pint
Bread and Butter Pickles – $5.00/pint
Sweet Pickle Relish – $6.00/8oz.
Blackberry Jam (Seedless) – $3.00/4oz; $6.00/8oz.
Peach Jam – $3.00/4oz.; $6.00/8oz.
Applesauce – $3.50/pint
Applebutter – $7.50/pint
Pepper Jelly – $6.00/8oz.
     Apple, Peach, Regular
BBQ Sauce – $7.50/pint
     Applebutter, Peach

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