Price List

Contact me by Sunday at noon for availability. Orders are delivered on Wednesday mornings to the Kansas City Metro.

Chicken Eggs$4.00/dozen
Duck Eggs$8.00/dozen
My hens and ducks enjoy a large, safe enclosure and eat all the feed, grasses, and kitchen scraps they desire!
Raw Goat Milk$5.00quart
Goat Milk Yogurt$6.50quartDrinkable Yogurt
Goat Cheese$5.008oz.Plain or Honey
Goat Milk
Ice Cream
$5.00pintVanilla, Coffee, Peppermint,
Chocolate Peanut Butter
Goat Milk
Frozen Yogurt
My goats enjoy a large pasture and love snacking on fresh apples and carrots.
Goat Milk Cheesecake$20.00
White Bread$4.00loaf
Sugar Cookies$5.00dozen
Chocolate Chip Cookies$5.00dozen
Applebutter Muffins$5.00half-dozen
Lemon Yogurt Muffins$5.00half-dozen
All products made when ordered with my farm fresh duck eggs, goat milk, and goat milk yogurt.

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