Field Update

I have a love/hate relationship with my vegetable field. I love the challenges of clearing land that is overgrown with clover, ragweed, grass, and maple trees – but I hate when it starts to get the best of me! This time of year it’s a bit of a race to get land cleared and plants … More Field Update

Try, Try Again

Well, we thought Solomon the Angora goat had gotten the job done with both our Nigerian Dwarf gals…Turns out Princess Leia was totally faking it. Padme, the experienced mama, was more than happy to meet and be wooed by Solomon. She’s made it abundantly clear that she is with child – clamoring for all the … More Try, Try Again

Accidents Happen

Accidents are part of farm life, but most of them are minor and I go on about my day. This month saw an odd spike in foot accidents – all seemed pretty major at the time but looking back I see the hilarious similarity. First to go down: Darryl. Our male farm cat had recently … More Accidents Happen

Eight is Enough

My original plan for the year was to add colored egg layers to my flock – Ameracaunas, Easter Eggers, and Olive Eggers were high on my list. I changed my plan pretty early on – lots of friends plan to come visit this year and many of them have children. I decided it would be … More Eight is Enough

Field Planting

Spring planting has finally begun! I absolutely love this time of year – the richness of well composted soil, healthy worms wiggling as I turn the ground, the hopefulness of putting a seed into the land and waiting for it to grow. I’m always amazed by what can be planted in March and April – … More Field Planting

Moving Day

Last week my new chicks – the first batch that is – moved to their big girl coop. The 13 Gold Comets and 4 Ameracaunas had outgrown the yurt inside and only a couple had some downy left. The other reason? My roommate picked up 3 Welsummers and 3 Cuckoo Marans – more colored eggs! … More Moving Day

Chad’s Chickens

A couple weeks ago I headed out to work on my coop expansion and found…a disaster zone! We’d mulched the blueberries and blackberries the day before, and also laid a new brick border to define the space. The neatly laid border was no longer visible and the straw was all over the place. I heard … More Chad’s Chickens


WARNING. This post covers my first experience with culling. Faithful readers of my blog know that I have a high regard for my animals and this decision was not one I took lightly. I respectfully remind my readers that I run a farm – not an animal rescue or petting zoo – and culling is … More Culling