A pup, four hens, and an urban farmer. Living a sustainable, low-impact life is possible no matter your living space. I started living my farm-girl dream in an urban environment and jumped at the opportunity to revitalize a family farm in late 2016. Here’s to an adventurous life!

I’m in my second year of business, and I’m constantly humbled. The waiting list for my eggs continues to grow – so I’ll add more chicks and ducks to my flock in 2019. Four female goats and 1 male goat mean we’ll have more babies – and more milk next year too. I’m expanding the goat runs and the chicken runs during the winter months to accamodate that growth.

My roommate started making skincare products with our goat’s milk – lotion, soaps, and lip balms. She’s had good sales and working to build her brand. Look for the Francis Farm website in early 2019!

We’ve done 3 sales events this fall – each one had ups and downs. We got great feedback from customers and have suggestions for products to add next year. Blackberry jam and pepper jelly were definitely the most requested.

I’m pouring over seed and poultry catalogs as I prepare for next year. And maybe I’ll do a little better about keeping up with my blog posts1