A pup, four hens, and an urban farmer. Living a sustainable, low-impact life is possible no matter your living space. I started living my farm-girl dream in an urban environment and jumped at the opportunity to revitalize a family farm in late 2016. Here’s to an adventurous life!

I’m in my third year of business, and I’m still blown away by my customers. Their enthusiasm and support for my small business is thrilling/exciting/terrifying – all at the same time!

The waiting list for my eggs continues to grow – I added 30 chickens and 3 ducks but have resigned myself to reality: I will never have enough eggs to meet demand (and that’s alright).

One Alpine goat gave birth to 2 baby boys (sold to become a gentleman in Colorado to carry backpacks up the mountains). She gives us 1 gallon of milk each day – more than enough for the household – so I added several new products to my sales list. Raw goat milk, fresh goat cheese, and goat milk ice cream (made with duck eggs for 1 client with a chicken egg allergy!) have sold well. I’ll start working with other cultures (like kefir and kombucha) this fall.

I try to do one big sales event each fall – and maybe a few smaller – so I’ve been busy making pickles, jams, pepper jelly, and bbq sauce. Tomatoes were a sad disappointment this year – it was just too wet and cool this spring to give them a good start – and the lack of fresh salsa has been heartbreaking.

Our other Alpine female is sharing space with our buck – we’re praying for another set of healthy goats to be born safely in late January/early February. The buck is moving on at the end of the month – which means I’ll get to learn a whole new set of farm skills (butchering – yes, friends, this is a working farm). I’ll also get to try my hand at sausage making – something I’ve long desired to learn.

I cannot believe it’s been three years. The farm feels like home and I simply love the life I get to lead. I’m forever grateful for the opportunity. Here’s to another successful year!