All Things Apple

It’s apple season! I like to eat apples year round, and buying them in season is a great way to save some cash. They can be stored in the fridge for several months, or turned into various products and canned. Such a versatile fruit! This year my roommate heard about Schweizer Orchard, located in St. … More All Things Apple

Where I’ve Been!

The past six weeks have been filled with harvesting and preserving the abundance from my field. Considering it was my first year on this property, I’ve been astounded by the results – all my winter planning and spring field work really paid off! Having lost half of my tomato plants to early spring rains, then … More Where I’ve Been!


Salsa made with homegrown herbs and veggies is an explosion of flavor that will change your life. I love adding a bit to scrambled or fried eggs, topping beans and rice with it, or scooping it up with my favorite tortilla chip. Preserving my salsa means easy fall/winter meals of chili – just add a … More Salsa

Eggs for Sale!

It amazes me how fast chicks become hens – I got my girls in February and they’ve been steadily laying eggs for the last month. My egg sales are up and running – and I’m breathing a hearty sigh of relief at the income. Gold Comets start laying at four months of age – most … More Eggs for Sale!


I love dill pickles, and it’s such a pleasure to make my own. I am having tremendous success this year and have already made 11 pints of dill pickles – its so nice to make them a single batch at a time rather than spend an entire day over the stove. Pickle making is an … More Pickles

Cherry Jubilee

Cherry season is here and I am blessed to have a friend with a cherry tree! In truth Kelly is much more than a friend – she’s my farm mentor. I’ve known Kelly and her family for more than 10 years – she’s incredibly generous with her time, wisdom, and produce and I have learned … More Cherry Jubilee

Yogurt Making

Learning I was lactose intolerant several years ago meant an end to consuming on of my favorite treats: yogurt. It’s active cultures are good for the belly, it’s an easily portable snack, and it’s versatile enough to never be boring. There are alternative milk yogurts available, but when I work to stretch each dollar it … More Yogurt Making

First Time Milking

Friends of mine in Oak Grove have owned goats off and on for several years, so I’ve tried goat milk and I enjoy it. After discovering my body struggles to digest cow’s milk I switched to almond milk – which is good, just not the same as animal milk. This – and my roommate’s long … More First Time Milking

Pantry 101

Given the size of my 1940’s era kitchen I knew I’d need more storage, so turning the awkward small closet in the basement into a walk-in pantry was a no-brainer. It was a simple project in terms of time and money and one of the first I tackled after purchasing my home. The space is approximately … More Pantry 101

Seed Saving

Each year I strive to add a new skill to my garden repertoire. This year I’m learning how to save seeds. Seeds are fairly cheap, and if you purchase from a reputable company you know you have good quality. I like the idea of preserving the seed from things I grow, though, and hey, if … More Seed Saving