Field Fence Redo

Winter 2018-2019 was tough – it lasted essentially 6 months with snow as early as October and cold/heavy rain through March. Spring has finally sprung and my field is greening up nicely – I’m currently growing a field of dandelions (for which my chickens and ducks are quite thankful!). Last summer I really longed for … More Field Fence Redo

Winter Wear

Hard to believe the first month of 2019 is already done. I’m often asked what I do during winter months – it surprises folks when I recount a typical winter days chores. Farming is a year-round business – and it requires an entirely different wardrobe! Last week we had sub-zero wind chills – but cold … More Winter Wear

Barn Expansion

With two pregnant goats my last few weeks have been focused on the barn expansion project – I need a birthing/nursery space for the itty bitty babies! Any leftover time been devoted to fieldwork and chicken keeping, so keeping this space up to date has been sorely neglected. Padme’s babies arrive any day now (my … More Barn Expansion

Field Update

I have a love/hate relationship with my vegetable field. I love the challenges of clearing land that is overgrown with clover, ragweed, grass, and maple trees – but I hate when it starts to get the best of me! This time of year it’s a bit of a race to get land cleared and plants … More Field Update

Field Planting

Spring planting has finally begun! I absolutely love this time of year – the richness of well composted soil, healthy worms wiggling as I turn the ground, the hopefulness of putting a seed into the land and waiting for it to grow. I’m always amazed by what can be planted in March and April – … More Field Planting

Moving Day

Last week my new chicks – the first batch that is – moved to their big girl coop. The 13 Gold Comets and 4 Ameracaunas had outgrown the yurt inside and only a couple had some downy left. The other reason? My roommate picked up 3 Welsummers and 3 Cuckoo Marans – more colored eggs! … More Moving Day