Fall Sales Event

It’s been a rainy couple weeks…which means little getting done outside but lots inside work is complete! My goal is to be part of one big sales event each year, and this year it will be in Raytown, MO at the Holiday Shopping Frenzy – Saturday, October 27, 2018 from 10am-4pm at The Point. Applebutter … More Fall Sales Event

Why I Deliver

I’m often asked why I choose to deliver my products – fresh eggs, produce, and canned goods – to my clients instead of joining a CSA or participating in a farmer’s market. The answer is simple: I want to keep my prices low so anyone that wants to eat local, organically and humanely raised food … More Why I Deliver

New Merch

New Six Chicks Urban Farm merch is here! I learned a few things last year – my t-shirt needed improvement but the hoodie is wonderful – and I’m putting ideas into practice for this spring. Teespring makes production easy – and its a simple way for you to help support my small business. Last year’s … More New Merch

Sock Season

Four years ago I was pretty sick and found it impossible to get warm. In desperation I modified a Christmas stocking pattern into socks and haven’t stopped since. You can make a pair with a crochet hook, a couple skeins of yarn, and a few hours time — or┬ácontact me to order a custom set! … More Sock Season

All Things Apple

It’s apple season! I like to eat apples year round, and buying them in season is a great way to save some cash. They can be stored in the fridge for several months, or turned into various products and canned. Such a versatile fruit! This year my roommate heard about Schweizer Orchard, located in St. … More All Things Apple

Where I’ve Been!

The past six weeks have been filled with harvesting and preserving the abundance from my field. Considering it was my first year on this property, I’ve been astounded by the results – all my winter planning and spring field work really paid off! Having lost half of my tomato plants to early spring rains, then … More Where I’ve Been!


Salsa made with homegrown herbs and veggies is an explosion of flavor that will change your life. I love adding a bit to scrambled or fried eggs, topping beans and rice with it, or scooping it up with my favorite tortilla chip. Preserving my salsa means easy fall/winter meals of chili – just add a … More Salsa