What Comes Next

2018 held so much for my small business – how exciting it is to look forward to 2019! Here are just a few highlights: January: Feed planning, repaired/rebuilt existing goat run fence, clearing field for spring planting, overblown greenhouse February: First batch of baby chicks, our first attempt at goat breeding (1 girl liked Solomon … More What Comes Next

Accidents Happen

Accidents are part of farm life, but most of them are minor and I go on about my day. This month saw an odd spike in foot accidents – all seemed pretty major at the time but looking back I see the hilarious similarity. First to go down: Darryl. Our male farm cat had recently … More Accidents Happen

Winter Woes

Midwestern weather means we deal with subzero windchills one day, then break record highs with 60+ temps the next week. Between my physical reactions to these massive swings and my sweet pups desire to simultaneously play outdoors and snooze the day away, it’s no wonder that I get a bit grumpy this time of year. … More Winter Woes

Winter Gear

My first year on the farm passed so quickly! Year Two of a project is always about improving what was done in Year One – lots of lesson learned means time to apply that new knowledge. One of the first things to be improved? My winter work clothing. Last year was all about making it … More Winter Gear

Sock Season

Four years ago I was pretty sick and found it impossible to get warm. In desperation I modified a Christmas stocking pattern into socks and haven’t stopped since. You can make a pair with a crochet hook, a couple skeins of yarn, and a few hours time — or┬ácontact me to order a custom set! … More Sock Season

Playing Catchup

Two weeks of brutal heat and humidity kept me sidelined – I’m so thankful for the break in the weather so I can get caught up! Here’s the lowdown on farm activities for the past few weeks. My little chicklets are officially hens – they are all laying eggs! I collected 439 eggs in July … More Playing Catchup

Merch for Sale

Promoting my business is not my strongest skill – I tend to rely on word of mouth to advertise my product. I’ll start delivering eggs and produce soon, though, and decided I should have a t-shirt made up to look more professional. After looking at several sites I ended up at Teespring and developed a … More Merch for Sale

Flying Solo

It’s been an eventful week here on the farm while my roommate has been enjoying a well-earned vacation. I hope she’s pleased by all the work I’ve accomplished in her absence! Things got off to a rocky start last Wednesday. I was putting the finishing touches on the new duck coop when I came up … More Flying Solo