Coop Improvements, part 1

Last week’s glorious weather had me outside working on coop improvements each day. I’ve got three shed/coops that need some work before the Chicken Haven is done (for this year anyway!). Here’s a glimpse at last week’s work on the pink coop – affectionally known as “Water World” last year as the ducks lived inContinue reading “Coop Improvements, part 1”

To Stud or Not to Stud

Yesterday’s holiday was perfect inspiration for today’s topic: animal babies! Animals play a large role on my farm – chickens and ducks provide eggs, goats provide milk, cats keep the rodent population down, and dogs run security. Responsible farming holds high priority in my business plan – which means each baby added is my responsibilityContinue reading “To Stud or Not to Stud”

Growing Starter Plants Indoors

February may have the fewest days, but it feels like the longest month to me. I’m ready to get back to soil tending, weed pulling, setting up new teepees and all the other joys of fieldwork. In reality, it’s a month with frequent snows, cold days, bitter winds – and the ground is still frozen!Continue reading “Growing Starter Plants Indoors”