Field Fence Redo

Winter 2018-2019 was tough – it lasted essentially 6 months with snow as early as October and cold/heavy rain through March. Spring has finally sprung and my field is greening up nicely – I’m currently growing a field of dandelions (for which my chickens and ducks are quite thankful!). Last summer I really longed for … More Field Fence Redo

Winter Wear

Hard to believe the first month of 2019 is already done. I’m often asked what I do during winter months – it surprises folks when I recount a typical winter days chores. Farming is a year-round business – and it requires an entirely different wardrobe! Last week we had sub-zero wind chills – but cold … More Winter Wear

What Comes Next

2018 held so much for my small business – how exciting it is to look forward to 2019! Here are just a few highlights: January: Feed planning, repaired/rebuilt existing goat run fence, clearing field for spring planting, overblown greenhouse February: First batch of baby chicks, our first attempt at goat breeding (1 girl liked Solomon … More What Comes Next

Fall Sales Event

It’s been a rainy couple weeks…which means little getting done outside but lots inside work is complete! My goal is to be part of one big sales event each year, and this year it will be in Raytown, MO at the Holiday Shopping Frenzy – Saturday, October 27, 2018 from 10am-4pm at The Point. Applebutter … More Fall Sales Event

Christmas Turkey

I love turkey! If you’re like me and love these tasty birds, but the price of a organically raised, heritage bird is daunting ($100 easy)…this post is for you. If not, you may want to bypass this post. Turkey meat is rich but lean, and its large carcass supplies quarts of rich broth. With good … More Christmas Turkey

First Babies

What a summer on the farm! My days have been packed with field work, construction, food preservation, and more animal work than I anticipated…thus the 2 month absence here. As daylight hours lessen my time will shift indoors and I’ll be back to blogging about the ups and downs of farm life in Eastern Kansas. … More First Babies

Why I Deliver

I’m often asked why I choose to deliver my products – fresh eggs, produce, and canned goods – to my clients instead of joining a CSA or participating in a farmer’s market. The answer is simple: I want to keep my prices low so anyone that wants to eat local, organically and humanely raised food … More Why I Deliver

Barn Expansion

With two pregnant goats my last few weeks have been focused on the barn expansion project – I need a birthing/nursery space for the itty bitty babies! Any leftover time been devoted to fieldwork and chicken keeping, so keeping this space up to date has been sorely neglected. Padme’s babies arrive any day now (my … More Barn Expansion