Field Fence Redo

Winter 2018-2019 was tough – it lasted essentially 6 months with snow as early as October and cold/heavy rain through March. Spring has finally sprung and my field is greening up nicely – I’m currently growing a field of dandelions (for which my chickens and ducks are quite thankful!).

Last summer I really longed for a more direct route into my field – the circuitous route around the carport wasn’t bad…until I was carrying pounds of tomatoes! With a new goat run complete and the back half of the old one aging quickly, it seemed this project might happen…but I’d just rebuilt the front fence and it felt silly to rip it down for the sake of convenience.

Heavy rains followed by strong winds made the project a reality. One morning in mid-March I awoke to the site of my lovely new fence posts bouncing in the wind! The slope has eroded from the snow melt and heavy rain, and the winds blew in from the right (wrong?!?) direction to pull the posts right out of the remaining ground.

I chose to see a blessing in disguise and got to work.

All goats moved to the new run for a week. I removed removed fencing, our neighbor knocked the concrete from the posts, and I rest the fence line. I was able to reuse all materials and got the new fence installed quickly – we just needed bags of concrete.



The goat space is much smaller – perfect for mamas and babies and/or housing the goats up for sale. The well fertilized soil is loose and mostly weed free thanks to 2 years of goat activity – ideal for my onion and potato crops. I also moved my 3 arches up – this section will get a bit more shade so peas, kale, spinach, and lettuce will do well here. These arches can also be used for beans, cucumbers, even tomatoes.

Direct access to the field is such a blessing! I can easily collect grasses and weeds for my poultry, planting and harvest will be worlds easier, and the view from our front porch is lovely. I completed the project in a week – and immediately started on the next item on my to-do list. Spring!

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