Time to catch my breath

Whew! Last night was my third sales event in less than a month. It’s been a hectic season as I work to care for nearly 100 animals, clean up the fields for winter, and start expansion projects. With sales events done for the year (delivery on Wednesdays still available!) I’m hoping to catch my breath in the next couple weeks.

Sales events are fun, but they are a ton of work. Most of my product is foodstuffs, and canning jars can be mighty heavy! It’s always good to leave with less product than you bring in, and I got some good feedback on items to add to next year’s offerings. Having just started my 2nd year of selling, I’m feeling pretty good about my sales results. Plus, I did 3 events this year to last year’s 1 – improvement!

This year I decided to offer my crocheted socks for sale – they are a hit! I started making these lovelies when I was super ill 5 years ago and couldn’t keep warm. I gave some away to friends and family and they encouraged me to try selling them. I’m humbled by the response. I have a few pairs still in stock and am happy to take custom orders. Just fill out the short form below and I’ll get to work – happy to ship!

Lap blankets have also seen a good response. I made them for myself when I worked in an office – I couldn’t keep warm and got tired of my chair getting stuck on longer length blankets. They are great for office workers, those that are wheelchair bound, or even as a pet blanket. My pup loves them, and they are way easier to wash than those pricey pet beds. The form below will work to order them too – name your color!

What, that doesn’t sound like catching my breath? Well, when you move feed and concrete bags all day, the idea of sitting inside and working with yarn for a few hours is a welcome change.

Happy holidays, my friends!


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