Why I Deliver

I’m often asked why I choose to deliver my products – fresh eggs, produce, and canned goods – to my clients instead of joining a CSA or participating in a farmer’s market. The answer is simple: I want to keep my prices low so anyone that wants to eat local, organically and humanely raised food can do so.

You may not be aware that there are costs associated with farmer’s markets. There is a fee to reserve a space (often required months in advance), limits to what you can sell (what type of produce, is it fresh or preserved, handcrafted goods, etc.), and of course booth costs. Next time you visit a farmer’s market take a moment to observe the stands. Most have banners with farm names, displays to show their goods to best advantage, some will have tablecloths, and don’t forget tables themselves! You can also expect these farmers to arrive extremely early and be there until their goods are sold.

That model just does not appeal to me.

When I lived in Raytown, MO I utilized a grocery delivery service – my research tends to indicate it was a similar model to a CSA. With a CSA clients pay an amount up front for a guaranteed supply of veggies/fruit during growing season. While I love the convenience of weekly delivery, but I wasn’t such a fan of the limited variety – you get what’s available and sometimes that meant lots of leafy greens and few heartier veggies.

So while I like it better, this model isn’t for me either.

I decided to try offering delivery to my clients, and for me it works beautifully. Most eggs are delivered on Sundays to folks at my church – I also deliver on Wednesday mornings, driving a loop around the city and completing things by noon (at least for now!). My sole cost is fuel – and I make more than enough on Wednesdays to cover that and still make a profit. Since I’m attending church on Sundays anyway, those deliveries are purely profit.

I truly enjoy talking with my clients. I learn what they like, what they don’t, what they are interested in trying, and more. I’ve introduced numerous people to duck eggs, expanded palates by offering goat milk samples, and enticed young children to try a veggie they think they don’t like (fresh, non-refrigerated produce is always better!).

I am blessed to have minimal living costs, so I do all in my power to pass those savings on to others. Sure, I work hard and many people are shocked to hear my prices – but in the back of my mind I’m always thinking of my clients. I want young families, single people, folks that live on tight budgets – anyone – to have access to affordable, high quality food. I believe good physical health is important and strive to do my part.

So that’s why I deliver – many thanks to my clients for their support.

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