Try, Try Again

Well, we thought Solomon the Angora goat had gotten the job done with both our Nigerian Dwarf gals…Turns out Princess Leia was totally faking it.

Padme, the experienced mama, was more than happy to meet and be wooed by Solomon. She’s made it abundantly clear that she is with child – clamoring for all the goat treats, bullying little Yoda out of her way for grain, and lazing about in all available patches of sun.

Leia kept her mouth shut until Solomon had gone back home. Three weeks later she was back to bleating her head off (a sign she’s in heat) and calling out for a new boyfriend.

*I like using non-farm terms when it comes to breeding. It makes my roommate a little nuts, but I find it makes the stories just a little bit more funny. Don’t you?*

The boys next door hollered back with a vengeance – and Neighbor Chad was happy to let us borrow a goat. He has 5 young males: a set of triplets and another of a similar size (Nubians), and a dwarf/fainting goat mix. How lucky are we to have such a helpful neighbor? If we get twins/triplets he’s willing to take one – and this will be a good way to see which/if his goats will be good studs.

After talking it over, my roommate and I brought Hank (Chad named his goats after country musicians) over to meet Leia. He was the smallest of the triplets and looked to be a good match in size to Leia.

Leia was not impressed with poor little Hank – and he showed no interest in her either. The little guy loved the grain and treats but called for his boys from the moment he got in our pen. Less than 24 hours later we walked him home where he joyfully greeted his brothers.

With maybe two days left in Leia’s breeding window we knew we had to pick well the second time. We opted for Waylon and saw instant success (no reason to be crude here, folks, but if you are an adult or familiar with farm life I’m sure you get my drift). At first he wasn’t thrilled to leave his home, but once he got a whiff of Leia all thought of them fled his mind. It was clear within 5 minutes that we had a much better shot at success.

Before my roommate and I had left the barn Leia made it clear that the boy-next-door was the stud for her. She was by turns flirty and silly, clearly enamored by Waylon. He was the right size, the right temperament, and more than willing to take care of her.

The sad fact is that once the deed was done she had no more interest in him. She was ready for him to go back home by the next morning. I felt bad for poor Waylon – but I’m just so thrilled to have two definitely pregnant goats now!

I cannot wait to have baby goats this fall – be prepared now to have your Instagram feed blown up with adorableness when they arrive.

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