Eight is Enough

My original plan for the year was to add colored egg layers to my flock – Ameracaunas, Easter Eggers, and Olive Eggers were high on my list. I changed my plan pretty early on – lots of friends plan to come visit this year and many of them have children. I decided it would be pretty fun to have a diverse flock rather than diverse egg colors. I didn’t plan to have as many as 8 though!

Gold Comets will always be my core stock. I love these birds so much – friendly, social, welcoming, and so curious. I’m up to 28 of these little ladies.

Silver-Laced Wyandottes were added last year. They aren’t quite as social as my GCs, but they are excellent layers. I have 11 of these.


Gold-Laced Wyandottes – these two were part of my neighbor’s free-ranging flock that I acquired (the 3rd was a Gold Comet). They had a rough go of it in the woods but are healing nicely and definitely appreciate their new home.

Ameracaunas – I added four to my flock. I’m pretty sure I ended up with 3 hens and 1 rooster, but I won’t be sure for another few weeks. This breed lays blue eggs! The variations in feathering on these four is amazing; I’m excited to see them full grown.



Welsummers – these lovelies lay terra-cotta colored eggs. My roommate picked up three of these – a straight run so we’re hoping for girls.

Cuckoo Maran – My roommate picked three of these also. They lay brown eggs and they have amazing feathering. Another straight run so our fingers are crossed!

I thought I was done for the year – the addition of Chad’s Chickens had me close to my top number and I was already looking forward to no more chicks in the house. Then I went to pick up feed and saw that two breeds I really wanted were on sale…so I made a special trip home before finishing the day’s deliveries to add these beauties to my flock.

Rhode Island Red – I chose three of this classic breed. It’s a straight run so I hope I picked hens.

Black Astrolorps – I chose three of these also. I love the feathering on these adult breeds – another straight run so my fingers are crossed that I chose hens.

So if I’ve done my math right, that’s 51 chickens and the potential of 4 dozen eggs per day. Even if I do end up with several rooster I’ll still be at a potential of 3 dozen eggs per day at the peak and the staggered start should keep me in eggs all winter. Yes, that’s lots of eggs – but with a growing list of regular clients and a high call list I’m feeling pretty good.


PS: I have 8 ducks – their four breeds are Welsh Harlequin (4), Pekin (1), Cayuga (2), and Khaki Campbell (1). While I’m definitely not raising any ducklings in the house this year, there is a slim possibility that I’ll add some. IF they are one sale and IF the weather is warm enough that they can just do out with the girls. My duck egg client list is pretty small for now, so I should be fine without new ducklings.

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