New Merch

New Six Chicks Urban Farm merch is here! I learned a few things last year – my t-shirt needed improvement but the hoodie is wonderful – and I’m putting ideas into practice for this spring. Teespring makes production easy – and its a simple way for you to help support my small business.

Last year’s t-shirt featured my business name in large font on the front, which the image of a chicken on the back. I much prefer the look of the hoodie so the 2018 design mirrors it. I really like the look of the back – it still features a chicken image, but I added my business motto: “Naturally Raised Food at a Reasonable Price”. In an effort to save some cash last year I opted for the economy t-shirt – and I’m not a fan. The shirt shrunk fairly quickly and just isn’t that comfortable. This year’s choice is higher quality and you have the option of navy, red, or purple. I also created a sweatshirt option that comes in green and blue.

I had several clients ask about last year’s mug, so it’s also back with the improved design. I like to carry a mug to my local coffee shop and use it instead of taking a paper carry away cup – maybe you do that too?  Still in my signature green, the mug is a great way to start your morning and an easy way to spread the word about my local farm!

My Teespring store is up and running now – it remains open until early morning on March 4, 2018. T-shirts are $15, Sweatshirts are $25, and mugs are $10. Those living in the KC-Metro area have the option to avoid shipping and meet up with me for delivery. Teespring does set a minimum in order for things to be printed, so if you are interested in items be sure to order early!

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