Winter Gear

My first year on the farm passed so quickly! Year Two of a project is always about improving what was done in Year One – lots of lesson learned means time to apply that new knowledge. One of the first things to be improved? My winter work clothing.

Last year was all about making it work with what I had. I was waiting for the contract on my home – a quick sale – to finalize and money was tight. I wore old jeans, an old sweatshirt, and layers of gloves. I only had four hens so I wasn’t hauling all that much water or feed. Outdoor work focused on brush burning in the field, cleaning out the barn prior to goats, and converting a shed into a chicken coop. So while I was outside, I wasn’t in the elements all that much. So I was cold, but I could bear it.

When spring – and the ducklings – arrived – I bought a cheap pair of rainboots to slog through the damp. They worked, but overall were a pretty epic fail. They simply weren’t designed for the sort of wear I’d put them through. I did a lot of research and decided Muck Boots were the right brand for me. The price tag is reasonable for these work horses, but money is still pretty tight so I started praying.

I also dreamed of coveralls – between chickens, goats, ducklings, guineas, and construction plans this winter I would definitely need improved outer wear. Carhartt is an established brand for outdoor gear. Their high quality bibs would cost the same – if not more – than boots. I knew I was looking at about $200 for the gear.

I shouldn’t have been surprised when I was handed a check for that amount, without even telling anyone what I needed. God is so awesome! Things got even more amazing when I went to purchase the items and found my coveralls on sale for 50% off. Joy!

I found a hat in one of my roommate’s closets. It had belonged to her dad. The earflaps and neck cover are a dream. Now I just need to find a pair of gloves that fit my freakishly small hands and I’ll be unstoppable this winter. Bring on the projects!


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