Sock Season

Four years ago I was pretty sick and found it impossible to get warm. In desperation I modified a Christmas stocking pattern into socks and haven’t stopped since. You can make a pair with a crochet hook, a couple skeins of yarn, and a few hours time — or contact me to order a custom set!

One of my dresser drawers is filled with these lovelies – I made a pair for each day of the week and simply replace them each season as they wear out. Wool yarns work the best, since they are thicker, but they can be pretty pricey. I always check the discount bins at the hobby stores and find great deals. Solid colors look great, but I have pairs with the heels and toes in contrasting colors.

I also like using variegated yarns, since that gives the illusion of stripes without a bunch of yarn changes. One of my favorite pairs so far is a red and white striped set I made myself for Christmas last year. They were taller than most that I’d made and worked great with my work boots. So much so, in fact, that when I went to purchase new work boots I purchased a size larger so I could use these instead of purchasing boot socks.

Using wool and wool blends makes these socks thick, warm, and sturdy. I wear them instead of slippers around the house all fall and winter. It’s been fun surprising family and friends with pairs, choosing colors and patterns I thought fit them best. I even gave a set as wedding gifts recently!

Yes, socks are available for sale. I wear an average size shoe so my socks fit most people. I make a slightly larger size and have modified down for children and even babies! Prices start at $10/pair for socks, $15 for Christmas stockings. Contact me to order.

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