Facebook Find: Water Storage Tanks

Taking advantage of natural resources – like rainwater – was an easy way for me to stretch a dollar before I moved to the farm. Now that I’m growing crops on a larger scale – not to mention caring for poultry and livestock – water is always on my mind. I love the single rainbarrel my bro-in-law installed at my home – it moved with me to the new property and is set up so it feeds into the duck pond.

Getting water to the field this summer was a challenge. I used gallon jugs move water from the goat’s tank to the seedlings, but once established the plants were on their own to survive on rainfall. Most thrived, but some turned to withered stalks depressingly quickly. Soil quality varies wildly across the field, but water is the one essential that would have saved them.

The house needed a new roof and gutters this year, so we asked the contracters to leave the guttering and downspouts. The single length of guttering looks to fit perfectly on the back of the carport (fieldside), but finding collection barrels or tanks was a challenge. Tanks will be more helpful given my field setup due their larger volume, but 500+ gallon tanks start at $500 new and go up from there. Simply not feasible. I’ve kept my eye on the road as we travel around, and I knew exactly what I wanted, but finding them used was tough.


I randomly scrolled through the Facebook app last Saturday. I never have (or take) the time to do that, but my roommate was in Lowe’s picking up a shed (chicken expansion project!) and I had a few minutes to myself in the truck. I was astounded when I came across an image of my dream tank. The $25 price tag seemed too good to be true, so I quickly messaged the seller that I was interested in 4. She assured me they were food storage level tanks that had only held water and held 1000 gallons (300 liters). She then offered to deliver (she lives about 30 minutes from us on the Missouri side) for a bit of gas money. I told her that would be great and looked forward to meeting her.

I’d been able to tell from her pic that the tanks were encased in a metal frame, but I didn’t realize they were also on a metal frame – no need for me to build a platform! There is a hose spigot at the bottom and an opening in the top which I’ll use to daisy chain the tanks together, feeding the lower tanks from the uppers using old garden hoses.

Have you ever met someone and just knew you liked them? That’s how it was with Kristy and I. Turns out she’s a scrapper and always find the sorts of stuff I’ve been looking for – fencing, wood, storage tanks, etc. She offered to keep her eye out for things and I told her I could trade her for eggs, produce, and canned goods. Total win/win, as it will allow us both to continue doing work we love.

Isn’t it cool how something you’ve been longing for just gets dropped onto your lap? I was thrilled to pass on the info to two friends that also have land so they could reap the benefits too. #farmlife indeed.

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