There’s a Gate Back There!

Fall means a return to brush clearing, and I was so excited to get started last week! I’d found a field gate earlier in the year – it’s located right next to our carport/the driveway but was completely unusable due to overgrowth. Saplings and bushes had grown through the gate itself, there were thicker saplings outside the gate, and at one point the space was used for a woodpile. I forgot to snap a pic before I started work…you couldn’t even see the gate I started!

My roommate’s brother-in-law was off work that day and kindly offered to use his chainsaw to take down the thickest saplings. I used a combination of hand shears, clippers, shovel, and brute force to clear the space and moved it into manageable piles. We’ve had rather high winds and rains ever since, but as soon as that slows we’ll burn the brush.

The woodpile itself will serve two purposes. Some of the wood is still solid, so the roommate and I will enjoy burning it in our small backyard fire pit – great discovery as chilly fall nights are set to arrive full force this weekend. Between insect activity and several years of weathering, there was a significant pile of mulch and/or rotten logs at the bottom of the pile – JOY! I needed mulch to shore up the existing duck coop run and this natural pile saved us a good chunk of cash.

The ducks were thrilled with the fresh wood chunks – they happily quacked and searched for insects each time I loaded in a fresh batch. The mulch will absorb their pond splashings, precip, and should help bolster the soil too. This coop needs quite a bit of work and our plan is to set up a new coop, move the ducks out of this one, and refurb it overwinter to use as a chick coop next year. It’s next to the barn so running electrical for a heater will be simple, but the moisture level is problematic. But I digress….

It only took three hours of work for the gate to be useable. It’s so nice to have it open and will make field work a whole lot easier next season. This will also make fall/winter field clearing and related projects simpler too – I’ll be installing guttering, rain barrels, and water storage tanks in the field. For now, the pups and I take advantage of the opening when we go for walks.

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