My First Sales Events

I love hitting the goals I set for my business – especially when they happen more quickly than I anticipate. This week my sales opportunities expanded into selling at my favorite coffee shop and an open house – new client opportunities!

I’ve been farming full time just 10 months – my first year plan focused on growing enough food for myself (and my roommate!) with chicken eggs as my primary income. I didn’t anticipate having enough produce to sell, or that anyone would be interested in purchasing my canned items. It’s been a welcome income boost – and allowed me to share my vision for next year’s products. I’ll start planning for seeds and field layout next month, so customer input on vegetables is welcome.

Monday morning was the first-first – selling at Benetti’s Coffee Experience in Raytown, MO. They cleared space in their refrigerator case and I filled it with 12 pints of apple butter. It was a pretty surreal feeling – I didn’t know if I was nervous or excited and decided it was a crazy blend of both! I was back near the shop on Wednesday and was thrilled to see two jars had already sold – incredible! I restocked and left with a happy heart – I honestly hadn’t expected any to sell that quickly. The shop is so great about supporting local businesses and I’m humbled to be included in that group. A thousand thanks to Jacob, Rachel, and Bailey for the opportunity!

Last night I was part of an open house at a new friend’s home in Grain Valley, MO. The host is the friend of a friend and graciously invited me to her fall event. I was one of several merchants and had a great time. Since it was my first such event I spent some time thinking about my display. I’d used Vistaprint for car signs and used them to print a table banner (a site credit made it incredibly affordable). I took samples of the apple butter and apple jam so I could show the different textures – and I made a loaf of bread so folks could taste them. I’m always thrilled when people taste my applebutter and their eyes light up – the hint of clove is an unexpected surprise. The apple jam was a hit – its such an easy way to make a nutritious breakfast of hot cereal less bland. The salsa was also a hit – I have just a few jars left before I’m out for this season.

What fun it is to live my dream – huge thanks to everyone for the support!

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