All Things Apple

It’s apple season! I like to eat apples year round, and buying them in season is a great way to save some cash. They can be stored in the fridge for several months, or turned into various products and canned. Such a versatile fruit!

This year my roommate heard about Schweizer Orchard, located in St. Joseph, Missouri, that sells bushels for an incredibly reasonable price. We made a drive up on a gorgeous Thursday morning about a month ago – her Mini Cooper convertible was the perfect transport. I can easily go through a bushel myself, so we ended up getting two. I filled our crispers, and made a year’s worth of applesauce and apple butter for us – I made apple jam last year so still have plenty. The goats and chickens have been feasting on the unused apple cores and other scrap pieces – nothing goes to waste on my farm!

Oatmeal is my go to winter breakfast, and a teaspoon of apple jam takes it to new heights. I like the chunky texture since it adds contrast to the bland oatmeal and spice it with cinnamon. I find it adds just the right touch of sweetness without overwhelming with sugar. It’s worth the work to make the jam and not have to fuss cutting up apples, mixing up sugar, etc. in the morning.

Applesauce is a wonderful snack food for adults – not just for kids! Mine is purely apples and I cook it pretty thick. Its a refreshing snack on hot summer days when I need a hit of sweetness.

I mentioned to a friends at church that I was making apple butter, and before I quite knew what was happening I’d advance sold 12 pints! It has been the unexpected sales product and a great blessing – we made a second run to the orchard so I have plenty of apples. I’ve worked on my apple butter recipe for years and I’m pretty happy with it. I use a blend of apples for texture, a blend of sugars so its not overly sweet, and a touch of clove with the cinnamon. I love it on biscuits, pancakes, bagels, and of course with peanut butter on a sandwich!


Next week I start a partnership with my favorite local coffee shop, Benetti’s Coffee Experience, to sell apple butter at their location. They’ve been using my eggs for baked good for the past few months, and I’m excited for this new opportunity. They have the best almond milk latte in town – they make their own almond milk! – and I highly recommend them. My home in Raytown was just a mile from the shop and I sorely miss having them near.

Next week I also have my first sales event opportunity – again, thanks in large part to my apple butter. The friend of a friend is hosting a Fall Open House and invited me to be one of the vendors. I’ll have lots of apple butter for sale, along with applesauce, apple jam, canned tomatoes, salsa, and a few cartons of eggs. I’m incredibly nervous and incredibly excited, lots of feelings since its a significant first for my business. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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