Total Eclipse and My Critters

I’m lucky enough to live in the path of the Great American Total Eclipse – just outside Kansas City – and several people asked how I thought my animals would react to the mid-day darkness. It got me wondering too – good thing I work at home and had the chance to observe!

My morning started off with egg and vegetable deliveries in Raytown – where it started raining buckets at 8:30am and was still going when I left the burg around 10:30. It was a come-out-of-nowhere event that I was totally unprepared for, but fortified by an amazing latte and great conversation I survived. I mean, it’s just rain…and it made for a memorable morning. Imagine my surprise as I crossed through downtown and the clouds parted – nothing but bright sunshine on the way home. Seriously – no rain in sight. I wasted a lot of time this morning fretting over wet food and sogged out chicken runs…worry is such a waste of time – every time!

My roommate worked a half-day, arriving home in time to view the eclipse. We started off on the back porch so we could observe all the animals. The chickens, ducks, and guineas were oblivious to the sky. They pecked for feed and bugs, fluttered in the dust, and looked to me for meal worm treats. The dogs were pretty quiet – not a single bark when we moved up to the pool deck for a better view. The goats wandered into the barn, but no bleating or anything. The cats were nowhere in sight – totally normal.

The pool deck made an excellent spot for skywatching. My roommate purchased safety glasses weeks ago and her sis provided Moon Pies for snacks. Since the property is sloped we weren’t blocked by trees and witnessed a truly spectacular sight. There were a few thin clouds at the start of the eclipse, and we could see a storm approaching as the moment of totality neared. In my opinion the lead-up was most impressive, watching the moon cross in front of the sun was so cool!

I tried to get a shot of the eclipse through my safety glasses – not a bad memoir of the experience. As for the birds? They just want to know when today’s meal worm allotment is coming!

PS: The friend that joined me for coffee? Check out my Facebook page to see video of her son eating eggs from my chickens!

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