Eggs for Sale!

It amazes me how fast chicks become hens – I got my girls in February and they’ve been steadily laying eggs for the last month. My egg sales are up and running – and I’m breathing a hearty sigh of relief at the income.

Gold Comets start laying at four months of age – most chickens start laying when they are closer to six months. It takes a few weeks for the eggs to reach their normal size, going from about 1.15 ounces to 2.15 in that time frame. Shell coloring is different for each bird, ranging from super dark brown to brown with white speckles – one girl lays eggs so light they are nearly white! I have 12 GCs so a dozen eggs a day has already become normal. A few of my Silver-Laced Wyandottes have started laying, but it’ll likely be another month before they catch up to my Goldens. With 11 of these ladies I’ll be getting just shy of 2 dozen eggs a day by summer’s end – that’s nearly 14 dozen a week!

I chose birds that naturally have a high yield throughout the year – annual average rate of 300 eggs – and expect to have a steady supply for my customers through the winter months. These breeds were right for me because I want a high yield without manipulating the birds natural body rhythm – no faking daylight in my coops in darker months. I want my girls to live a healthy, happy life and tricking their bodies for a few extra bucks a month isn’t cool in my book.

I’m currently filling orders on a first come, first serve basis. I delivering eggs on Monday morning to Benetti’s Coffee Experience (best almond milk latte in the area, I miss living a mile away from the shop) for their baking needs. I have a handful of steady customers and am working to solidify weekly orders – it would give me great peace of mind to know for certain that my girl’s feed bill was covered each week.

I’m learning what it means to hustle, how to promote my product, and deal with the ups and downs of running my own business. Drop me a comment for more info on my egg sales.

6 eggs: $2
12 eggs: $4
18 eggs: $6

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