Merch for Sale

Promoting my business is not my strongest skill – I tend to rely on word of mouth to advertise my product. I’ll start delivering eggs and produce soon, though, and decided I should have a t-shirt made up to look more professional.

After looking at several sites I ended up at Teespring and developed a simple design: Six Chicks Urban Farm centered on the front, a chicken silhouette on the back. They offered several other products and I happily put the design on a tank top, coffee mug, and tote bag too. My roommate and I ordered product and were incredibly pleased when it arrived. I do wish the tank had been available in my signature shade of green – but my secondary choice of orange looks pretty good.

I was pleasantly surprised that so many of my friends excitedly asked about T-shirts, totes, and mugs and looked to set up a storefront on Teespring. I contacted their customer service department about my design – turns out direct buy designs are not saved the same way as campaign designs. I was so pleased they were able to move the design around on their end – saving me the work of redesigning the product(s).  My store is set up and I am happy to announce that products are now available for purchase at

I like that this company allows me to sell merch as it is requested and items are delivered directly to my customers. They also provide a pick-up option – meaning those that attend services at Graceway or live in Overland Park can have their order can be shipped to me and I’ll deliver it when the campaign ends.

I’m working hard to provide fresh eggs and produce to people of all income levels, and your purchases will directly support the revitalization of this family farm. It’s humbling to have friends and family interested in supporting my business – words cannot express my thanks for your support.

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