Flying Solo

It’s been an eventful week here on the farm while my roommate has been enjoying a well-earned vacation. I hope she’s pleased by all the work I’ve accomplished in her absence!

Things got off to a rocky start last Wednesday. I was putting the finishing touches on the new duck coop when I came up too suddenly and bashed my nose into a piece of sheet metal. After a moment of blinding pain, hot drops of bright red blood began to drip. I got myself to the house – and the first aid kit – in a rush. I spent the rest of the day – and most of the next – on the couch with ice on my face, band-aids keeping the edges close, and cleaning repeatedly with alcohol and triple antibiotic.

Yes, it was pretty bad. Yes, there will be a scar and No, I totally don’t care. My dear friend Heather, a former nurse, said it looked pretty good when she saw me on Sunday. It’s healing well and I’ll be right as rain soon enough.

My roomie’s pups, Scout and Bob, have done remarkably well in her absence. Bob was not thrilled with Friday Fireworks, but he loves getting cuddle time when I take my work breaks. Scout has decided sleeping on my bedroom floor is dandy, since I wouldn’t let him on the bed with Sumatra and I at night. Sumatra’s missing the tummy rubs from her auntie, and she’ll be thrilled to have all my attention again soon.

Friday I felt well enough to resume work on the duck coop – I finished the job on Saturday and got the ducks moved in. They waddled through the tunnel with no trouble – haven’t even considered trying to go back. I opted to leave the tunnel blocked to the chickens, and both coops seemed much calmer. The ducklings can splish splash to their heart’s content and the chickens have dry ground to scratch. I’ll post a detailed story of the job later this week.

The goatlings have been great (I sold our first quart of milk and handed out a yogurt sample!), but I know they miss their mama. Mistress Maggie had an unexpected visitor at her dinner bowl the other night – a raccoon I’m calling Negan scared the bejeezus out of me when I was saying my goodnights.

Other events included barn cleaning, landscaping, first blueberries, weeding, planting, harvesting…farm work is never ending and a complete joy.

While I have loved my quiet mornings, complete use of the coffee pot, and a very unscheduled schedule, it will be nice to have the roommate back so I can fill her in daily farm adventures.

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