A lot can happen in one year

One year ago today I was anxiously counting down the minutes until I picked up my first batch of chicks – 4 Gold Comets. Today I’m putting the finishing touches on a second converted shed so my ducklings can have a dedicated pool space. I never would have dreamed so much would happen in just one year!

Last year my sis-in-law, niece and nephew joined me on a drive to Bonner Springs to pick up those 4 little chicks. I was nervously excited to care for these creatures and a bit terrified of the responsibility at the same time. The thought of fresh eggs and joy in their antics spurred me forward through that fear.

Last week my brother brought those same kids to visit the farm (near Bonner Springs!). My heart jumped for joy when my nephew said he wished he could live out here and enjoy the chickens every day. He picked them up without hesitation, listened well to all instructions, and was smitten by their antics.My niece never held a chicken, but she enjoyed being near and watching them also.

And so dear friends, if today your dream seems far away do no lose heart. I started with what I was allowed to have in my space and prayed earnestly that God would open the door to my heart’s desire. Within weeks things were in motion for me to live my dream life. Being responsible for 30+ birds was nowhere on my radar this time last year – I’m so thankful God knows us better than we know ourselves.

P.S. – More on the new shed conversion project soon!

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