Possum Sighting

Last week’s rain made morning wake-up a bit challenging. Low on coffee, cold, and wet, I found myself face to face with a possum last Friday morning. It was the first time I wished I carried my phone on me constantly, because it would have been a great picture!

It was a cold, dreary morning, and my headlamp was doing a great job illuminating my path. The hens, chicks, keets (baby guineas), and ducklings were happy to be released from the coop to get food, water, and fresh air. The cat arrived to walk with me to the barn – she was ready for her warm milk breakfast.

I called out my greeting to the goats as I headed to the milking room, intending to put down the milking buckets before turning on the overhead light. As I stepped through my lamp caught the milking stand and a pair of eyes glowed back at me. I let out a startled “Eep!” and stopped in my tracks.

The possum was standing on the milking stand eating from the feedbox – just like one of the goats would! It looked quite well feed and didn’t make a sound as I slowly circled it, wondering how in the world to get it to move. The creature trundled slowly down the steps and headed for a gap in the barn floor. It worked quite hard to squeeze under the floorboard – it chose the nearest opening and it was a tight fit for its ample backside. It showed no fear, but definitely wasn’t hanging around to get to know me.

My heart was racing but filled with laughter at my morning adventure – what a wake-up call! I haven’t spotted the creature since, and I hope its doing well on our land.

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