A Day in Farm Life

Some days I feel like I get nothing done on the farm – and I’ve been asked a few times if I’m taking editing/computer jobs so I have cash coming in while I get the farm up and running. I thought it would be interesting to chronicle a day in farm life to help me get perspective on why I tend to turn those offers down. Here’s today!

5:30am: Wake-up. Coffee pot starts perking; dogs take a trip outside

5:45am: Sipping first cup of coffee (black) as I catch the forecast on Fox4 (love their morning show!)

6am (sunrise): “Time to wake the chickens!” – Sumatra watches from the backyard as I open the coop doors, spread feed, freshen water and talk to the hens, pullets, ducklings, and guineas.

6:20am: Milk the goats

6:45am: Breakfast – scrambled eggs, grapefruit, clemintines

7:30am: Re-pot tomatoes (20 plants); start new plants

8:30am: Dogs start barking – I figure Maggie the cat is sitting on the air conditioner but decide to check when they don’t stop. Surprise! Leia and Padme (the goats) are standing on the front deck. They calmly follow me down to their pen, I scratch their heads and give them a few treats, then find and repair the hole they made in the fence

9am: Finish plant work. I started cucumbers (24), miniature pumpkins (12); melons (36); squash (72); okra (28); and coleus (44). Some are from saved seeds – I’m curious to see if/how those grow.

10:30am: Coffee break; Sumatra and I take a walk to the mailbox

11:15am: Start cottage cheese and ice cream from our goat’s milk

11:30am: Lunch (tuna and coleslaw, peanuts and coconut)

11:50am: Finish cottage cheese and ice cream (banana, peanut, coconut, and chocolate chips)

12:15pm: Backyard landscaping. I assembled an archway found in the barn, planted 3 rose bushes (salvaged for $1), planted 2 clematis and trained on the fence, moved petunia baskets to archway, filled the birdbath, watered new plants

1:35pm: Rest with pup on back porch, listen to a chapter of an audiobook (The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Real Magic)

1:50pm: Coop cleaning, egg collection, socialization with the birds. Fill goat feed

3pm: Clean-up – messy outdoor work is done.

3:30pm: Update on my blog…

5pm: Dogs get fed around 5 (roommate does the evening milking). My kale looks great so I’m planning to make a kale and sweet potato curry for supper. Roommate and I use the evenings to catch up on DVR’d shows – commercials are used to prep the coffee pot for morning, do dishes, make ice, fold clothes, etc.

7pm: Popcorn is my favorite evening snack – I love to sprinkle mine with garlic and onion powders.

8pm: Sumatra and I usually head to our room about now, but with the chickens going to bed at dusk…well, the lights don’t go off until about 9:30pm. I fall asleep fast and sleep hard.

So yeah, this is a typical day. I’m living my dream and can’t wait to see the monetary benefits soon!

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