Repurpose: Trampoline

I repurpose items for one simple reason: I despise waste. Many things outlive their original use, but that doesn’t mean they are useless and destined for the trash pile.

When my roommate’s brother in law asked if I wanted their outdoor trampoline I took it with joy – having no set idea about how I used it. He dismantled it as he walked it over…and I saw nothing but potential in the pile of metal tubing and mesh.

First up: reuse the exterior netting. It’s a stretchy fabric with 1/4″ holes, making it an ideal choice as a roof for the extension chicken/duck run. Zip ties made it an easy job to attach the material to the current run and along the tent frame. The stretchiness was a huge benefit as I worked the material around the roof and down the sides. It smells a bit funky right now, but with time in the sunlight that should pass. It makes for a perfect roof – allows for airflow but also provides shade.

By the way: the tent frame is also repurposed – picked it from my sis-in-law’s father’s basement last fall. I held onto it for a year before landing on its best use for me.

Next: reuse the leg poles. Our freshly planted blueberry plants needed bird netting and I was on the hunt for poles. The arrival of the trampoline poles was perfection indeed. I removed the lowest of the three poles, leaving two in place, and they were the ideal height. The netting is loose enough that we can get in to weed, prune, collect fruit, and fertilize – or we can simply cut zip ties for those chores. The hook at the top helped me install the netting, and we may add LED lanterns to each – I found an incredible number of old mason jars in the barn and while they aren’t in good enough shape for food storage they’ll make great little project pieces.

I still have the trampoline floor and a variety of poles to repurpose. Odds are good they’ll be yet more extension fencing on the chicken/duck run, but I can also see some at pea trellises or tomato cages.

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