Vet Adventure

Last week was a rainy, soggy mess that kept me from field work. I planned to transfer car tags and license to my new state on Tuesday, but finding an injured animal in the laundry room quickly changed my plan.

Mistress Maggie loves to sleep on top of the dryer on cold nights; we shut the door to keep the dogs inside and everyone’s as happy as can be. When I went to let the dogs out they spotted her asleep in a doggy bed on the floor – odd. My sweet pup put up the alert bark and when the cat didn’t move – odd – she lunged at her. That got Mags up and she managed to get to the top of the dryer. After shooing the dogs outside in hopes that my roommate could sleep just a bit longer, I took a good look at Maggie.

It was clear something was really wrong. She was shaking, holding herself tight, and showed all the signs of being in shock. When I went to pick her up she flinched/hissed when I touched her middle and backside; there was mud down half her back. I didn’t see blood anywhere – thank God – so figured she might have been hit by a car. She is a farm cat after all and wanders freely throughout the area.

Once the roommate was up we came up with a plan. Her sis has cats so we were able to borrow a cat carrier, I finished up morning chores and took the vet to a local animal hospital while my roommate headed to work. I was incredibly pleased by the service at VCA Welborn Animal Hospital. Each person showed concern and care for our cat; she endured the experience like a champ.

After an exam and x-rays the vet concluded she’d likely been kicked by one of our goats. Maggie had indeed been showing more interest in them and may have gotten too close while they were sheltering in the barn. We returned home with 5 days of antibiotics and Mags spent her convalescence in a large comfy crate. She’s healed up and back to roaming the land, observing the chicks, and teasing the dogs. Clearly she wasn’t traumatized by time in the crate – it has become her favorite napping space!

BTW – Dr. Grace was awesome. She even took time to answer questions about my broody chicken – the clinic doesn’t work with them, but she raises chickens took. After hearing about Sophia’s antics she recommended separating her from the flock – confirming my gut instinct. Sophia is thrilled to have space all to herself and doing well too. New local vet found!

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