Animal Update

Dogs, chicks and goats are tons of work, but the joy they bring to our farm make it all worthwhile. Here’s a quick rundown of recent milestones:

My sweet Sumatra has completely submerged herself into farm life. She loves playing big sis to Scout and Bob – to the point of herding them onto their mom’s lap in the evening before she come to chill on the couch with me. She’s been allowing Scout to share her couch for a while now, but this week Bob was allowed to join the club. Bob is a total lapdog and mama’s boy, so I was astounded when he asked to join us one the couch one morning. I snapped this pick of the three before I headed out for errands – too stinkin’ cute to be believed.

This next animal note is much sadder – we lost our buckling Luke this past week. As we went down to milk early Thursday morning Leora discovered a stray dog had killed the sweet buckling. Luke’s mama, Padme, was pretty traumatized and suffered a bruised teat – she’s still recovering. We’re pretty sure her pal Leia saved her life – Leia is about twice her size with straighter horns. This is a hard reality of farm life, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. As I laid the sweet boy to rest in the back of the field I thanked the Lord that we hadn’t seen the event, that Luke passed quickly, and promised that we’ll use the learning experience as we move forward as goat keepers. The stray dog, a Great Pyrenees mix, was super friendly and had no tag. I gave her some water and sat with her until Animal Control arrived. We’re hopeful she’ll be placed in a loving home – she didn’t harm any humans and will make a great house dog but doesn’t have the training for farm work.

Goodbye sweet Luke, we’ll miss watching you parkour your way around the barn and run. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

In happier news – the chicklets are growing fast. I purchased a puppy playpen that has a larger ground space so they’ll be able to spread their wings more. It has a removable bottom and should make a good transition pen when they move outdoors in a few weeks. They love peering through the upper mesh – this is really their first time to view the sun room. Miss Sumatra is allowed in to see them a few times each day, but always in the evenings when its time to say goodnight.

Yesterday the chicklets had their first outdoor experience, and once they felt the grass under their feet they happily left the carrier. It was a bit windy for them but the bugs, dirt, and debris were all new experiences and great fun.


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