Scrap Wood Uses

Last week’s off kilter snow and ice allowed me to get some indoor projects done. The scrap wood pile held lots of jewels and I put together a few for simple chicken related pieces.

Double digit egg days will be here soon, and I need a good collection spot to keep track of them. I wanted something that would make it easy to take daily counts but sturdy enough to last for a good while. I found photos of vintage boxes and figured it would be simple enough to build my own.

A plywood piece made for a great bottom of my box. It’s 2 feet wide and about 21″ long. Slats from an old peach box were the right length to add channels. Remnant paint in a neutral color will highlight the egg colors. Nailing the sides was simple enough, and wood glue was ideal to hold them at length – the slats are too thin and warped to make nails practical.

I looked through Pinterest for signage ideas, but didn’t like most of what I saw – just too cutesy for me. I came up with the phrase “Happy Hens Lay Tasty Eggs” because I want to highlight that my girls have a great life and earn their keep on my urban farm.

The mis-tinted paint shelf is always worth checking. This shade of purple – almost a mauve – was just $1 and the white lettering looks lovely with it. The key with lettering is to do multiple layers, then outline with the background color for a smoothed edge. I made my own stencil by printing the phrase and cutting out the letters – I like the imperfectness of the piece. Now to find the perfect spot on the coop!

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