Onions and Garlic

Working with a large field space means I can grow much more than my backyard garden. After a winter planning and preparing it felt good to start putting things into the soil this week. First up: Onions and Garlic

20170301_onions01Onions are a staple item in my kitchen. They are part of stir-fries, roasted meats, pasta and curry sauces, egg dishes, and so much more. I started a few Red Creole onion seeds indoors in January and planted the 25 surviving seedlings along the back lines of this bed. I planted 75 additional seeds for a total of 100 red onion plants.

Plants are spaced 4″ apart – I marked a piece of scrap wood with 4″ marks to help keep rows straight and plants evenly spaced. I’ll pick up some white and/or yellow onion sets and add them to the bed – I can easily fit at least 200 more plants in the space.

20170301_garlic01Garlic cloves are planted in the far end of the bed – I used the ones that started to sprout in the kitchen as my starter stock. They sat under the grow lights in a bit of soil for the last few weeks and got a good head start on their growing season. The roots are lovely, thick and strong and I’m hopeful for a good crop. I’ll continue adding cloves to the bed as the weeks progress.

This is my first season to attempt growing either of these vegetables. The sunlight angle and soil quality at my former location made root vegetables pretty difficult – this field has a natural slope, its well aerated, and the soil is full of horse manure. I’m curious to see how the seeds compare to starter sets and already looking forward to cooking with my product. Aren’t my little plant markers cute? It’s so good to see my winter handiwork in place.

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