Not much to see here

After a week of fence work, goat wrangling, chick watching and construction I opted to relax this past weekend. The weather was glorious and I drove the highway with the window down.

After a quick stop at Benetti’s (the Raytown coffee shop that I sorely miss due to my move) for my almond milk latte and to chat business with the owners I was off again. My nephew’s basketball team won their game, I shared video of my first goat milking attempt with my niece and collected egg cartons from my sis-in-law. Mom and Dad showed off their new car – just two years old and a beautiful shade of red! – I hugged my brother and headed home. I spent a lovely afternoon rubbing my sweet pup’s belly and catching up on Hulu.

Sunday looked much the same, although it could have been a bit wonky. I woke up late – 6am instead of my usual 5 – and felt a bit behind as we convinced the goat that it was time for milking. Church was a lovely affair – I saw several friends I haven’t seen in months and greatly enjoyed their delight at my new farm life. Many have asked to visit the farm and it will be fun to have them – and their kids – see what I’ve been up to these past few months.

So, nothing picturesque, but a great weekend nonetheless. Yesterday was spent repotting cauliflower and kale seedlings, transferring onions, garlic, and herbs to the greenhouse, clearing brush and dismantling fence lines. We have a few more unseasonably warm days ahead and my goals include finishing the teepee line, laying out the spring veg beds, and building coop structures (roosting bars, nesting boxes, and chicken ladders.

What a blessing it has been to work outside so much of this month. I tend to struggle with February, what with cold and snowy weather, grey days, my heart’s anticipation of spring and fingers itching to turn soil. This year I’ve been sleeping the solid sleep of a well-worked body and I feel fantastic.

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