Meet our Goatlings

Well, we picked up the goats on Saturday afternoon and they are settling into their new life nicely. The morning was filled with last minute projects and purchasing a large crate to get them home. After bungeeing the crate into the truck we headed down the road to Tonganoxie.

The farmer was one of the nicest people I’ve met – that’s been true of every farmer I’ve met actually. Within minutes it was clear the two mamas wouldn’t happily share a crate, so he offered to follow us home instead of us needing to drive back. So kind.

20170206_goats01We talked names before getting the girls, and their personalities made it clear which name fit each goat. Star Wars a great theme choice (my nephew’s face when I first mentioned my thought was priceless!). The large black female is Leia – this first time mama is feisty and protective. Her baby is Kylo Ren.

20170206_goats02The smaller grey and white female is Padme (her former owner called her Pink Nose). She’s been a mama for several cycles and is happy to let Leia watch the bucklings while she rests nestled in the hay. Her son Luke is quite the adventurer – he loves jumping on the log structure I set up in the midst of the run.

And yes, the goats have already escaped – twice. The first time was within two hours of their homecoming and it was difficult corralling them home. An early Sunday run to the hardware store for supplies and we shored up the escape route. Their escape that afternoon was from an unlatched gate and getting them back home was much easier. They didn’t get far either time. Sure, it was overwhelming and frustrating, but it was a known issue we’d have and, well, now it feels like just part of the job.

When I put them in their stall last night I was reward by nuzzles from Padme. She was happy to take a few treats from my hand and let me rub her muzzle. Leia is a bit shier – she’s younger after all – but this morning she allowed me to scratch her ear while she gobbled some grain. The bucklings are like gangly pupplies and their nuzzles are stop-my-heart sweet.

Their arrival took us from 8 animals to 12 (not counting the aquarium fish), and the arrival of 20 baby chickens and 4 baby guineas this weekend will take us to a whopping 36. Things are about to get really hectic on the farm – and I couldn’t be happier.


One thought on “Meet our Goatlings

  1. The roomie is right about the bucklings being adorable! They seem to jump for no reason whatsoever, other than love of life. The cuteness factor of the farm will be added next weekend with the addition of adorable chicks! Life is good. 🙂


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