Coop Conversion, part 4

Today I installed vinyl flooring over the coop’s new plywood floor, foam-filled floor level gaps, and worked on the front stoop. Here’s the run-down:

20170130_coopconversion04bResearch suggested that a vinyl overlay on a plywood floor is saavy for many reasons, but especially when it comes to cleanliness in a coop. A large piece of vinyl (about 8′ x 8′) was in the laundry room covering a long crack…so I swiped it for use in the coop.* 1′ x 1′ tiles and adhesive, foam-fill and my trusty toolbox rounded out the project needs. Maggie, as per the norm, stopped by to check my work.

20170130_coopconversion04aFirst I laid out the tiles. Since the floor isn’t square and there are varied gaps between the walls and floor, I opted to lay the large piece in the middle and surround with 1′ x 1’s. I came up with a satisfying pattern and started laying adhesive.

20170130_coopconversion04cI worked from front to back, overlaying the tiles toward the middle of the space. Again, this will make coop cleaning a bit easier. I had to run to the store for more adhesive halfway through…my math was based on perimeter, not area measurements (sheesh!).

It didn’t take long to get the flooring laid, and I really love the look.

20170130_coopconversion04dSince the sun was out I opted to work on the coop’s front stoop in the afternoon. I nailed a 1” x 4″ x 10′ to the front ledge to cover a large gap, then backfilled with foam spray (love that stuff). A scrap piece of plywood made for a great front ramp – just needs to be screwed into place – and is more practical than steps when dealing with 50lb feed bags. Large planters and stones on the hardware cloth round out the front.

I’m really happy with how the project is going, it’s great to see my vision come to life!

*Don’t worry – the crack will be fixed later this week!


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