Setbacks, even if you expect them, still blindside me. As I left the movie theatre two days ago (Hidden Figures is fantastic, as were the 3 elderly women I met) I checked my email. Disappointment flooded me when I discovered the mortgage company wanted yet more paperwork before approving my short sale…my closing date was being postponed.

Frustration is the best word I have for the emotions that flooded me. They ran the gamut of high and low as I wrote up three letters, printed them, signed them, scanned them, and sent them to my realtor for processing. Yet in the space of an hour I went from depths of despair to renewed confidence in my choices.

Living your dream doesn’t mean an easy road. Part of me gets why there are so many hiccups, realizes that in reality the short sale process has been pretty easy for me. The other part, though, looks at my bank account and feels panic well up. Every penny is accounted for, I work hard to use the roomie’s supplies and property well, and another month of utility expenses on the house just wasn’t on my radar.

And yet…this setback turned the corner to joy much more quickly than I wouldn’t have expected.

20170127_setbacks02I cancelled plans for a cruise that same morning. That choice led to $ for yardwork I’d done for my aunt (credit toward the cruise) that was more than anticipated. Enough to purchase new chicks next month and keep them (plus my existing animals) in food for several months.

20170127_setbacks01I have a farm plan in place: Starter Plants and Egg Sales are being advertised, and I have friends that confirmed they’ll purchase produce from me.

Sure, money is tight…but I’m thankful that my life is transitioning out of office/computer work.

20170127_setbacks03As I look out over the land on this cold morning I can see the back fence of the field…looking on a couple acres of wooded lot that I have yet to explore. Last fall I couldn’t even see the barn run from the porch.

I have a roof over my head, an incredibly supportive property owner, a sweet pup to snuggle, and chickens that love to chat when I enter their space. Setbacks are part of life. I’m thankful to have ridden the emotion of this one so quickly and am beyond blessed to be living my farm dream.

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