Day of Rest

When you live where you work, taking a day of rest feels more than a little indulgent. It is a necessary part of farm work, though, unless injuries are something you enjoy.

These past few days of unseasonably warm weather allowed me to finish repair on the goat run fencing, put in a new floor and surround the future coop with hardware cloth, remove volunteer trees and start clearing the coop run of vines and stumps.

My body is tired and requesting a rest…my sweet pup would love some mama time, too.

The shift back to more seasonable temps helps my brain accept a rest day. So I’ll pop out to see a movie, run by some stores, and continue work on a surprise project.

Resting doesn’t mean not working, after all…at least not in my world. Its just shifting work to something less physical,running errands that I’ve been putting off, and enjoying a break from math calculations (square footage of the coop, perimeter of the runs, ah my!).

Besides, my Netflix queue is calling.

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