20170118_maggie01Cats were not part of my daily life, prior to my farm move. I have a severe allergic reaction to cat dander and learned to keep my distance long ago. Over the years I’ve found ways to manage the allergy, and I’m glad because Maggie is a pretty cool cat.

The epitome of “farm cat”, the girl lives outdoors full time and explores the grounds. Food, water, and shelter are provided in return for her hunting skills – I watched her stalk and defeat a ground squirrel this summer. She happily lavishes affection on anyone and everyone – she makes it a point to greet visitors to the farm, strolling in from all over the grounds.

Maggie, cheeky girl that she is, has become a bit of a tease. She’s learned that when the chickens are free-ranging a human lap is likely available, so she comes over for a snuggle. Last week she rediscovered the doggie door in the laundry room, sneaking in at night to sleep on the dryer, washer, or water heater! This behavior has my sweet pup on edge, her nose twitching frantically as she works to find the intruder.

20170118_maggie02Sure there are downsides to sharing space with an animal that causes my head to ache, eyes to water/swell, and asthma to flare if I don’t take appropriate precautions after holding her. The benefits of a farm cat far outweigh them – she’s a joy to be around and I’m thankful she chose this land for her home. She’s already enjoying the Cat Grass I started growing for her – wait until she gets a whiff of fresh Catnip!

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