Fresh eggs – tasty, healthy, and a great source of protein. Providing fresh eggs to local customers is a part of my business plan, and I have a great offer for interested households.

20170111_goldcometchicksRent-A-Chicken 2017: a $50 deposit rents you a well-fed, free range hen for this year. You also get a discount on egg purchases for this year: $3 for a dozen (regularly $4), or $1.50 for a half-dozen (normally $2). Delivery is included. Renters are welcome to visit the chicks – please contact me in advance to schedule. It’s a great opportunity for children to learn where food comes from and for adults to experience a working urban farm.

20170111_wyandottechicksChicks will be purchased in early February and will lay consistently by late June/early July. I’ll be getting more Gold Comets and adding Wyandottes. Wyandottes are a lovely black and white chicken that lays on a similar scale to Gold Comets. These breeds start laying earlier than most hens and lay a consistently high number of eggs throughout the year. Eggs are Large to X-Large in size; samples available on request.

The Rent-A-Chicken offer ends January 31; there are 20 available spots for this first round. Egg purchasers will also get first look at Six Chicks Urban Farm produce. Contact me to secure a spot for your household!

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