Farm Work Happens Indoors, Too

Don’t let the season fool you – winter just means that farm tasks shift indoors for a few months. It’s the perfect time to order seeds, sketch garden plots, outline plans for refurb projects and more.

I spent time this week sketching plans for the Coop Refurb project – and my mind wandered to the “cute” factor for the space. The new coop will be the first thing you see when turning the corner of our driveway, and I want it to make a strong impression. I have some salvaged paint – a basic color – for the exterior, but some colorful signs will make it pop.

20170109_signs01I dug through the scrap wood pile and started brainstorming. I found two pieces that were perfect for my projects and painted them a background color using leftover paint.

After finding a great font I printed out stencils for two signs. I cut out the letters with my X-acto knife, taped them in place and filled in the letters with white. Layers of paint are key – too little and the letters won’t stand out well, but too much will have them looking like puffy paint.

20170109_signs02Once the white dried I cleaned up the edges by outlining the letters with the background color. I also filled in the middles of letters like “b”, “a” and “e”. I”m really pleased with the way these turned out and have plans for a couple more. It is a 10 x 15 coop, after all, and a little artwork could increase my egg sales come spring.

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