Christmas on the Farm

When I adopted my sweet pup nearly 8 years ago I never imagined exactly how much I’d come to adore her. She took to life on the farm more easily than I could have imagined and continues to bring me such joy. Christmas is one of my favorite times to spoil her!

20170106_2016christmas01aAfter telling my roommate that I traditionally fill a stocking for my pup and open it Christmas morning, she went out and got stockings for her pups too – ha ha ha! It was so much fun to hang them just out of reach, watching the dogs faces as I stuffed them with toys and treats. Of course they totally forgot about them quickly and went back to other doggy business.

20170106_2016christmas01Christmas morning was filled with my giggles and my sweet pup’s sniffing at new rawhide treats and her attempts to disembowel a new stuffed frog. It gives me such joy to see her so happy, hard at work to remove the squeaker hidden deep in the body of her toy. It was another ideal Christmas morning for me – and I hope that yours was just as joyful.

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