Coop Conversion, part 1

There are many things about farm work that give me great joy, but chickens are high on the list. I’m crazy excited to increase my flock in 2017 – but housing an additional 20 hens takes some planning.

20170102_coopconversionOne of the first things I spotted on my roommate’s property was this damaged shed. It sits near the house – a quick journey on inclement weather days. A tree fell on it several years back but all I could see was the potential for a large chicken coop. The shed is metal on four sides and the roof, has plywood flooring which is raised a few inches from the ground, and has a double sliding front door.

The first step was to get everything out of the 10′ x 15′ shed and do an assessment of the space. I’ll pop out the damaged side panel and replace it with a salvaged trailer window – perfect size and will make a great entry/exit to the fenced run for the girls. The plywood floor needs to be removed and replaced – I’m on the hunt for linoleum scraps to cover the floor and make cleaning easier. Salvaged screens should work for ventilation.

Sure, the girls won’t need the space for a while – they’ll live in a brooder box in the laundry room at first – but I’ll be busy in the fields by that time. We’ve been blessed with warmer than average weather these past few weeks, and in just a few hours work we got the shed emptied and sorted into piles (trash, donation, keep).

I purchased my chicks from Heartland Hatchery last year and am excited to use them again. Their first Chick Day is just 5 weeks away on February 11…the new girls will be laying by mid-June. If you’d like to know when eggs are available for purchase let me know!

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