Winter Project: Socks

Crochet is a skill I added to my repertoire more than a decade ago. A few years ago I came across a Christmas stocking pattern – with slight modifications I started crafting unique socks. I love them – just like wearing a blanket on my feet.

I typically use a single yarn to make socks. There are some great yarns out there that are graduated shades, fuzzy, sparkly, etc. and don’t need the added embellishment of stripes. Striped socks are fun socks, though, and as the classic song says “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, right?

1222_socksAfter surprising some friends and family with custom socks I decided to design a Christmas pair for myself. They turned out great and fit perfectly. I love the look of candy cane stripes and am glad I took the time to make them. The ice/snow day last Saturday certainly helped.

There are always bits of yarn left after projects…I’m already imagining a pair using those pieces to make an utterly unique pair of socks. Leave a comment if you’d like to order a pair or two!


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