December officially kicks off the planning side of my farm life. I love looking through seed catalogs and sketching field layouts. This year its a whole new challenge as I prepare to work in a true field. Acreage is a whole different ball game than raised beds in a backyard!

1201_seedpacketI started purchasing seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds many years ago at my sister’s recommendation. The company is based in southern Missouri and the quality of their product is exceptional. I’ve had great success growing items from their catalog and recommend them for gardeners of any level.

This year I purchased their Heirloom Seed Collection. The package includes 25 packets of seed, a seed planting schedule and a storage packet. It was a great way to get a large variety of seed at an incredible price – and saved me tons of time. There are vegetable I’d never has tried to grow otherwise (rutabaga, turnips) and varieties of pepper that are new to me.

I’ll place another order soon to get particular seeds I love: certain tomato varieties, okra, zucchini and yellow squash. I’ve committed to growing tomato plants for my farm mentor and will order specific seed for her. Other advance orders for plants are welcome!

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