Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving is a holiday that I appreciate more the older I get.

After a major health crisis in 2013 I struggled to regain physical strength and overcome fears that plagued my mind. In 2014 a dear friend invited me to join her family for a Turkey Trot 5K, telling me we could walk it together. It was a significant day – a simple walk with a friend sparked a fire within me.

2015HalfI realized that “healthy” was perfectly attainable, that daily choices about diet and exercise would renew my body, and that focusing on the future would renew my mind. I set a goal to do a 5K each month of 2015 – and I surpassed my goal when I ran my first 10K in December 2015. I completed my first half-marathon in 2016.

Her invitation to join her family’s Thanksgiving tradition – completing a 5K before consuming gloriously tasty food at a family meal – restored my spirit and renewed my heart.

I’m looking forward to today’s event and awestruck by how much my life has changed this past year. I’m thankful to be living my dream and thrilled for the possibilities before me.

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