On the Farm

Well, its been a hectic 4 weeks and I’m excited to write again! I, my pup, and my 4 hens moved to the farm a few weeks back and are settling in nicely.

Daylight hours are few and I’m using all I can to clear trees, brush, and debris from the field in anticipation of spring planting. I’ve ordered a seed package for my region from my go-to seed source – Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company – and will start sketching my field layout soon.

1122_onthefarm01We’re planning to add goats to the farm come spring, so work on the barn and fencing is at the top of my list. The polesaw came in handy as some of the volunteer trees were pretty substantial. The upside: the trunks will make excellent teepees for beans, peas, and other climbing plants.

1122_onthefarm02The hens have been laying for weeks, and their eggs are amazing. I have 4 Gold Comets and average 3 eggs a day. This winter/spring I’ll convert one of the sheds on the property into a coop – we plan to add at least 20 hens next year and will have eggs for sale in late spring/early summer.

My sweet pup is enjoying farm life. She has adjusted to having two brothers and deciding sleeping in my bed at night is fantastic. She’s learning about puppy play and wrestling with Scout is the highlight of her day. I’m experiencing life with lapdog Bob (aka Robert Frost) – so sweet!

I’m living my dream and couldn’t be more thankful. Years of planning and dreaming are being put to good use and I’m thrilled to put my plans into action. I love self-employment and can’t wait to provide healthy food at an affordable price to my friends, my family, and those I have yet to meet.

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