Lawn Care

My 13000+ square foot yard was mostly open lawn when I bought my home. In the early years I had others take care of the grass mowing for me (father, dear friend’s son) so I could focus on sculpting the garden beds. They used combustion engine lawn mowers and made quick work of the job – but I knew that wasn’t the best machine for me.

I have a love/hate relationship with combustion engines. They have a place in my daily life – I do drive a car after all – but when it came to caring for my grass I just couldn’t wrap my head around it.  As I looked to purchase a mower of my own I found myself obsessed with reel mowers. I found one I liked and it turned the job of lawn work into one I truly enjoy.

I see tons of “pros” to using a reel mower. Its a one-time expense purchase – no need to keep up with fuel, oil, filters,etc. I’m not breathing in fumes as I walk behind the machine. I’m not in danger of major injury if I need to clear a jam from the blades (a standard job with a sweet gum tree in my front yard!). It’s quiet. It’s a fantastic full body workout.

My favorite part of lawn mowing, though, is that it forces me to walk the land. Not just focus on pulling weeds, laying mulch, or collecting produce. I find the random squirrel hidey-holes, the water run-off spots, the thin spots that need grass seed. It’s also a great time to meditate on the blessed life I’m leading.

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