Chicks invade

13266933_1028520747231577_409266901_nThe addition of chicks to my urban farm required much thought and planning. I take the responsibility of caring for animal life quite seriously, and I wanted to be sure I was prepared. I spent more than a year researching coops, breeds, feed, treats, bedding, etc. through lots of sources. I talked with family and friends that have kept chickens – even talked with my local vet to see if I should have concerns for my dog’s health if I added feathered siblings.

This week my chicks turn 14 weeks old. Well, technically they are “pullets” – the equivalent of teenagers – they’ll gain the title “hens” once they start laying eggs. They look wildly different from the balls of yellow fluff I picked up at a local feed store. It’s been a blast watching them grow, helping my sweet pup adjust to her siblings, and I’m looking forward to egg harvesting soon.

I’m putting together a photo timeline of my girls growth…but for now here’s a short video of their free range time today. Cicadas are a treat they hunt for and are highly unwilling to share. Enjoy!

Cicada Snack

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