Dream Big

This time last year I sat in a windowless office, editing audio files and correcting text. I dreamed of days filled with sunshine, dirt, warm scented air, and growing things.

A few months later I stopped dreaming and started living. I left behind a secure job to see whether the life I dreamed of could become my reality. Would I really enjoy the hard physical labor of working the earth? Would the planning give way to a different type (but no less real) stress?

I thrived.

I awake to sunrise rather than an alarm clock. I fall asleep with ease after a hard day’s work. My self-sufficiency grows, my passion for sustainable living flourishes, and I’ve found a new love for life.

These are the adventures of an urban farmer. Proof that you don’t need a huge plot of land to make a positive environmental impact. Small steps over years got me to this place – a place where dreams grow big enough for a life of their own.

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